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Your pension if you live outside Sweden

If you have lived and worked in Sweden, you may be entitled to national public pension from Sweden even if you live in another country. You do not have to have a Swedish citizenship.

You will keep your income pension, supplementary pension and premium pension no matter what country you move to. You can receive a premium pension if you have worked in Sweden after 1994. If you have a guaranteed pension, you will keep it only if you move to another EU or EEA country (the EEA includes all EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), or to Switzerland and in some cases to Canada.

If you have worked in Sweden and die, your surviving spouse or children can be entitled to the Swedish survivor´s pension.

Changing your address abroad

You must notify the Swedish Pensions Agency if you move to a new address abroad. It is important that the Pensions Agency has your current address to be able to send you payment notifications, statements and life certificates.
Send your new address and your Swedish social security number or coordination number in a signed letter to:

Pensionsmyndigheten 839 77 Östersund

Life Certificate (lämna levnadsintyg)

A Life Certificate is a way of certifying that you are still alive. You will need a life certificate if you receive the national retirement pension or survivor´s pension from the Pensions Authority, or sickness compensation, activity compensation or occupational disability annuity from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

More about life certificate and how to certify

In Swedish

Pension när  du bor utanför Sverige

Om du har bott och  arbetat i Sverige kan du ha rätt till allmän pension från Sverige även om du bor  i ett annat land. Du behöver inte ha svenskt  medborgarskap.

Mer om levnadsintyg och hur du lämnar intyg (på engelska)