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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that the Swedish Pensions Agency get from pension savers and pensioners who live abroad.

Old Age Pension

How long does it take to get the pension after I sent my application for old age pension?

Apply for your old age pension early. You must apply for the Swedish old age pension by yourself. You should apply in good time. If you worked or lived in several countries in Europe, you should apply about six months before you want to receive the pension. 

I have moved to another country, what happens to my pension and what do I do?

Your pension may be changed if you move to another country. The Guarantee pension is paid if you live in the EU/EES countries or Canada.
Notify Pensionsmyndigheten your new address. 

I've received an orange envelope, why and what is it?

In the orange envelope you can see a summary of how much you have so far accumulated for your old age pension from Sweden.If you have already received a pension from Sweden in previous years, you will also receive a statement of income in your orange envelope.


Why should I notify if I change my marital status or receive a foreign pension?

Marital status is included in the calculation for your pension from Sweden. The size of your pension is affected if you are married or single.Your foreign pension may affect your Swedish old age pension pension, thus you should always notify Pensionsmyndigheten if you have new or changed foreign pension, new or changed foreign occupational injury annuity. 

Payment and bank accounts

How do I change bank accounts?

Any changes regarding address and/or payment details have to be in writing including the original signature of the person concerned (or person having relevant Power of Attorney). Also, state the Swedish personal identification number. Regarding payment details, forms are available at this website - Forms and Brochures Send to: Pensionsmyndigheten 
SE-839 77 Östersund

Why have I not received my pension payment yet?

To transfer a payment to an account abroad usually takes 3-5 banking days. Thereafter, it is possible for us at Pensionsmyndigheten to take concrete measures to trace the payment. 

Survivor's pension

How do I apply for Swedish survivor's pension?

Applying for survivor's pension and living outside the EU/EES: the application must be signed by the applicant (or legal guardian for minor children) and certified by an authority in your country. Additional documents such as copy of birth certificate (for applying child), a copy of your marriage certificate and the death certificate are required. 

I am living abroad and have a widow's pension. What will happen when I turn 65 years of age?

The easiest way is to send an email or a letter to Pensionsmyndigheten with your question and state your personal number. 

I am living abroad and wonder if my wife could be entitled to a survivor's pension?

The easiest way to get a preliminary calculation of a possible survivor's pension is to send an email or a letter to Pensionsmyndigheten. Please state your Swedish personal number and a date for your marriage in your email/letter. Also write in the email/letter when the spouse was born and birthdates of common children. 

My husband is deceased and had a Swedish pension. Could you transfer his future pension payments to my account instead?

A surviving spouse has not automatically the right to his/her deceased spouse's pension. An application is required and has to be sent to Pensionsmyndigheten.Citizens living within the EU/EES should contact the pension authority where they live and for citizens living outside should use the application forms at this website.