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How to change the bank account your pension is paid into

If you change banks or want to change the bank account for your pension, it is important that you notify us well in advance. This needs to be done before your next pension payment. You can register the alteration by logging in to My Pages.

If you are the guardian of a minor who is, or will be, receiving payments from us, you as their guardian may use your own electronic ID and notify us of the account number.

It is essential that you do not close your old account before you have received the first payment to your new account. Thus, you can ensure that the altered bank account has been registered and is functioning properly.

Change the bank account for your pension

In order to change your payment account, please log in to My Pages using your electronic ID.

In order for your next pension payment to be made to your new account, you need to alter your account by the following dates during 2024:

If you do not hold an electronic ID, you can notify us of changes to your bank account using a form.Order a form in order to change my account number (form PM8628, in Swedish)Banks can obtain the form from Bankföreningen (Swedish Bankers' Association)

In order to register your IBAN bank account number, please log in to My Pages using your electronic ID.
Register bank account number

If you don´t have an electronic ID and if you are a resident in another country, please contact our Customer Service in order for us to send the forms shown below:
Contact Customer Service

  • Information about the bank account number including IBAN (International Bank Account Number), form, PM8612. E.g. for countries within the EU.
  • Information about the bank account number (applies for foreign bank accounts), PM8616. E.g. USA, Canada and Australia.

You can order the form Notification of bank account number and change of account (within Sweden) PM8628.Order the form (in Swedish)