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Changing funds within a premium pension

The premium pension is the part of the national public pension that you yourself can choose how you want to invest in funds. Choosing funds costs nothing and you can change funds whenever you want. 

If you have never made an active fund selection, your money will be placed in AP7 Såfa, the state pre-selection option that is tailored to your age. AP7 Såfa has high risk with a high proportion of shares when you have a long way to retirement and lower risk with a high proportion of interest-bearing securities when you get older.

This is to enable you to have the best possible increase in value when you are younger and then a lower increase in value with more secure savings when you are approaching retirement. You can choose AP7 Såfa for your entire premium pension or combine AP7 Såfa with other funds.

Changing funds

To change funds, please log in to My pages with an e-ID that is approved in Sweden, such as a mobile BankID. We always advise against making fund changes or logging in with your e-ID at the request of someone else.

If you do not have an e-ID that is approved in Sweden, you can use a form to do your fund change. Please contact our customer service to receive a fund change form.

See how your premium pension is invested

You can see which funds your premium pension is invested in by logging into My Pages. Log into My Pages (in Swedish)

Every year, the Swedish Pensions Agency sends out an orange envelope with an annual statement of your national public pension. There you will find information on how your premium pension is invested. When you receive the envelope for the first time, you will be given information about how to select funds.

Do not buy something you don’t understand

There are companies that offer to choose, exchange or manage your premium pension for a fee. These companies are sometimes confused with the Swedish Pensions Agency or state that they are acting on our behalf. We never collaborate with such companies.

If you are offered services such as pension management or counselling, please ensure that you fully understand what you are paying for. Some management companies market very positive fund investments and give examples of customers who have managed to double their premium pension account in only 5 years. Many of these examples are unrealistic. It is important that you know what the services these companies offer are going to cost you, both in annual fees and in fund fees. It may add up to a lot of money because you save for your pension for a long time.

Watch out for telemarketers

It is forbidden to call and market or sell products relating to the premium pension area. If you are called by a telemarketer, we advise that you end the call.

Watch out for high fees

Some companies that offer management services for the premium pension charge an annual fee of approximately SEK 400-900. In addition, the funds in which your money is invested can be much more expensive than other comparable alternatives.

In order for you not to lose out on the deal, the management company must succeed in placing the premium pension so that the increase in value not only gives you the annual fee back but also exceeds it. The chances of doing that successfully year after year are small.