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For pensioners

When you have a pension payment from the Swedish Pensions Agency, there are a few things that you need to know about.

There are several services for pensioners, for example an overview where you can see when your pension will be paid, how much you will be paid and how much tax will be deducted. It is also important that you report changes that may affect your pension.

Report changes of circumstances that affect your Swedish pension

If there is an economic change that affects your Swedish pension, for example that you become a cohabitating partner, move from Sweden or if you receive a new or changed pension from a country other than Sweden, you must report this to us. If you receive too much pension, you may become liable to reimburse it.

The Swedish Pensions Agency regularly checks your data against, for example, the Swedish Tax Agency and various occupational pension companies, but you are responsible for notifying us if there has been a change. You can report any changes by contacting our customer service.

Pensioners certificate to receive pensioner discount

If you withdraw the national public pension before the age of 66, you can use a pensioners certificate to take advantage of discounts, for example for public transport and admission to various events. The pensioners certificate is valid within Sweden. Order a pensioners certificate (in Swedish)

When will your pension be paid out?

Once a month, your Swedish pension will be paid to the bank account that you have reported to us. If you are receiving other payments such as survivor’s pension, housing supplement or financial support for the elderly they are paid out at the same time. If you are born between 1-15 of the month, you will receive your pension on the 18th and if you are born between 16-31 of the month, you will receive your pension on the 19th, provided that the 18th and 19th are weekdays.

If you receive payments to a bank account in a country other than Sweden, the payment may take up to five business days.

The first time you receive your pension payment, you will receive a payment statement showing the size of your national public pension. You will also know how much tax will be deducted, what parts are included in your pension and payday. Since your national public pension consists of different parts, you can receive separate statements for income pension, premium pension, survivor's pension and housing supplement.

Tax deductions on pension and salary

You are responsible for ensuring that enough tax is deducted from your total income. The more payers you have, the greater the risk that the total tax deduction will be too low.

Find out how much tax is deducted

You can see on your payment statement how much tax the Swedish Pensions Agency deducts from your pension each month.

Do you lack your statement of earnings and deductions?

As of the income year 2019, you will not receive an annual income statement (statement of earnings and deductions) from the Swedish Pensions Agency. This is due to new rules.

You have received information about payments from us by letter. You can also see them if you log in here onto our website using an e-ID that is approved in Sweden. If you want to see all of your payments, please log in to the Swedish Tax Agency.

How do I avoid residual tax?

Get payment statements from your pension payers and see how much tax each payer deducts. At skatteverket.se you can calculate how much tax you should pay. Calculate your tax at the Swedish Tax Agency (in Swedish)

If the tax you owe will be higher than the tax your payers currently deduct, you can correct it yourself by doing one of the following two things:

  • Request an increase in your tax deduction on the pension payment from the Swedish Pensions Agency via the Change Tax service. Please log in to My pages with an e-ID that is approved in Sweden. Change tax on your pension (in Swedish)
  • Apply to the Swedish Tax Agency for a tax adjustment.

Lower tax on income from age 67

If you live in Sweden and continue to work instead of receiving a pension, you will pay lower tax on your salary than you have done in previous years. The lower tax applies from the year when you turn 67 and is automatically adjusted by your main employer. The reason for the lower tax is because you get an increased job tax deduction on your salary.

Tax on your national public pension and salary will also be lower from the year when you turn 67. The lower tax applies from this year regardless of when you start withdrawing your pension. The reason for the lower tax is because you get an increased basic deduction, which applies on both your pension and salary.