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Brexit can affect your pension

Britain has announced its intention to leave the EU. The departure date has now been extended to the 31 January 2020. It is possible for UK to leave the EU at an earlier date, if the negotiated withdrawal agreement and the withdrawal
agreement bill is approved by the UK parliament. There continues to be uncertainty, and it is therefore not possible to provide any detailed information on how your Public Pension will be affected in the short and long term.

The draft brexit agreement has not yet been approved by the British Parliament. There is still a risk that the UK will leave the EU without an approved withdrawal agreement, a so-called “hard Brexit”. Both the EU and Sweden have prepared for this situation by developing proposals for legislation that aims to reduce the consequences for individuals affected. The legislation should apply during a transitional period in order for individuals to have the opportunity to adapt

On this webpage, you can read about how brexit can affect your Public Pension. The Swedish Pensions Agency follows developments in the negotiations between the EU and the UK and will continuously update the webpage with new information.

If you live in the UK and receive a Public Pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency

Pensions and benefits that are calculated on your pensionable income over your working life, the so-called Income Pension, you are entitle to receive regardless of which country you live in once Britain leaves the EU. This means that Income Pension, Premium Pension and Income Based Survivor's Pension will continue to be paid as usual even after the UK leaves the EU.

If you have a Guaranteed Pension, your right to the benefit may be affected. However, there are proposals for legislation that means that the Guaranteed Pension will continue to be paid during a transitional period to pensioners living in the UK.

If you have worked or lived in the UK before the date of withdrawal

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, the Swedish Pensions Agency will no longer be able to receive information about you and your benefits directly from the UK authorities. To be able to receive a pension or other benefits from the Swedish Pensions Agency that is based on the time you worked or lived in the UK you will have to obtain a certificate from the British authorities that show that you have worked or lived there. The Swedish Pensions Agency cannot accept such certificates in advance. The certificate can be only be submitted when you decide to apply for your Swedish Public Pension.

If you are a British citizen and live in Sweden

Your right of residence in Sweden ceases when the UK leaves the EU. However, there is in case of a brexit without an agreement legislation that gives British citizens the right to stay and work in Sweden without a residence or work permit until the 29 march 2020.

The Swedish Migration Agency processes applications for residence permits. You can find more information on their website.

Brexit - Swedish Migration Agency

Sweden's preparation for Brexit

On the Swedish Government's website, you can read about the preparatory work for the UK's exit from the EU. It explains what Brexit means for impacted citizens.

Brexit - Government Offices of Sweden