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Brexit can affect your pension

The UK intends to leave the EU on 1st February 2020. The EU and the UK have negotiated a withdrawal agreement which will come into force in connection with the withdrawal.

Transition period in 2020

The exit agreement represents a transitional period during which the EU regulations continue to apply to the UK. The transition period continues until 31st December 2020, with the possibility of an extension to 31st December 2022. During the transition period, social insurance and the rules governing pensions will function as before. Your payments from the Swedish Pensions Agency during that period are not affected by Brexit, but as before can be affected for other reasons.

The exit agreement regulates a number of different areas, including social insurance and pensions. The exit agreement broadly means that those subject to EU rules at the end of the transitional period on 31st December 31 2020, will be subject to these rules even after the UK has left the EU.

The EU and the UK will now negotiate what will apply in the future for those EU citizens who choose to live and or work in the UK after the transition period, and for UK citizens who similarly choose to live and/or work in an EU Member State.

Sweden's preparation for Brexit

On the Swedish Government's website you can read about the preparatory work for the UK's exit from the EU. It explains what Brexit means for the citizens who are particularly affected.