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If you are self-employed

If you are self-employed in Sweden, you are responsible for your pension contributions. In order for you to receive the same pension as if you were an employee, you need to take out a salary or profit and pay contributions and taxes. You also need to compensate for the loss of occupational pension through your own savings.

There are two different pension contributions that you need to pay when you are self-employed. The first contribution is the retirement pension contribution or the self-contribution, which corresponds to the contribution paid by employers for an employee. The second contribution is the national public pension contribution, which you are credited with by paying tax on your salary or profit. These taxes and contributions provide you with a national public pension.

Important things to consider for you as a self-employed person

Take out a salary/profit

Depending on whether you run a limited company or have sole proprietorship, it is the salary or profit you receive and pay tax on that allows you to earn towards your national public pension.

Pay taxes

Your national public pension depends on how much you have paid to the Swedish Tax Agency via taxes and contributions. Every year counts.

Own savings for retirement

As a self-employed person you do not receive an occupational pension which most employees receive. If you save 4.5 - 6 percent of your income in long-term savings, this corresponds to what is paid in for most employees for an occupational pension.

See your entire pension and make a pension forecast

By logging in to My pages with an e-ID that is approved in Sweden, you can see your entire pension and what you can receive per month.

Continue being self-employed after withdrawal of pension

Even if you start to withdraw your pension, you can continue to run the company. You will then pay lower social security contributions and a larger job tax deduction. More information about pension for you as a self-employed person can be found at verksamt.se