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How to use e-services and sign in to My Pages

In order to log in and use e-services on My pages, you need an e-ID that is approved in Sweden. E-ID is available in the form of mobile BankID, BankId, Freja eID+ or foreign e-ID.

You install an e-ID or download an app on a mobile, tablet, or computer.

Mobile BankID and BankID through a Swedish bank

If you are an internet customer of a bank, you download an e-ID on the bank's website. Several banks support the e-IDs Mobile BankID and BankID.
E-identification with BankID e-identification (in Swedish)

Mobile BankID is an e-ID for mobile phones and tablets. To use Mobile BankID, you will need to:

BankID is an e-ID for computers

To start using BankID, you need to log in to your online bank and follow the instructions that are provided.

Mobile BankID and BankID if you live abroad

If you live abroad but have a Swedish personal identity number and an account in a Swedish bank, you can usually log in to your internet bank and order or download an e-ID. Contact the e-ID issuer directly to find out exactly what rules apply.

Freja eID+ can be used without you having an account in a Swedish bank

If you do not have an account in a Swedish bank, you can get Freja eID+. You need to have a Swedish personal identity number and be registered in Sweden. You can verify your identity with a valid ID with an ATG representative in Sweden to activate the e-ID. Freja eID+

ForeignID – several European e-IDs can be used on our website

If you are a foreign citizen and have an approved European e-ID, you can log in to My pages and use our e-services.Choose ForeignID as login and see if your e-ID is included

If you are not able to use e-ID to sign in

If you do not have an e-ID or are a resident, trustee or administrator and need information or have questions, you can contact our customer service.

It is possible to use the form to apply for and notify changes about the pension, housing supplement and our other benefits. It is also possible to use the form to make fund changes. Forms (some forms are also available in English)