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Here are the Swedish Pensions Agency's services in English for easily making digital notifications, applications and changes to information on My pages.

Change the tax on your pension

To avoid residual tax, you can increase the amount of tax deducted from your national public pension.Change the tax on your pension

Submit a life certificate

If you live outside Sweden and receive a pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency or compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, you need to provide a life certificate every year.Submit your life certificate

See your pension accounts

See how your income pension and your premium pension have changed over time and how you have earned the basis of your national public pension.See your pension accounts

Change bank account for your pension

If you change banks or want to change the bank account for your pension, it is important that you notify us well in advance.Change the bank account for your pension

Declare pension from another country

Are you drawing a general pension from Sweden while receiving a pension from another country? It is important for us to have accurate details of all your pension payments so that you do not lose money or become liable to repay the money you have received.Pension payments from another country

Report study information as a survivor

If you are over 18, have a survivor's pension and are studying in primary or secondary school or equivalent, you must notify us regarding your studies.Report study information as a suvivor